Stencilled Burlap Pillow

IMG_2156Remember stencils from the 90’s?!? I remember watching my aunt stencil everything as a kid and being amazed at how fast she could make things look nice with just paint. And then I found new, not 90’s stencils and discovered that with fabric medium I could stencil fabric. I was so excited that I drove to three different stores and a different city to get this stencil, which is ridiculous ( But I have put it to good use many times so far) In case you want the same set it’s the Martha Stewart Arabesque stencil, and it looks like this: PD_LRG_32266_1

What you need:

– Fabric ( Can be anything you would put in the dryer)

– Acrylic paint ( any brand works)

– Fabric Medium ( I’ve only been able to find this at Michael’s)

– Paint Brushes { I used the stencilling ones because I had them, but I’m certain any brush would work)

– Aleene’s crystal clear tacky spray

– An Iron ( Or your dryer)

– Piece of plastic

IMG_2132 Decide what kind of pillow you want to make. Here’s a great blog with a few different options depending on whether you want a washable case or not. {Videos included!} After measuring and cutting your fabric place it over a garbage bag or a piece of plastic ( The paint will bleed through, so make sure you open the fabric up and only do one side at a time, and always stencil over the plastic)IMG_2135IMG_2138IMG_2139

Mix your fabric medium 50/50 with acrylic paint. The fabric medium allows the paint to better absorb into the fabric and makes the item washable. Spray the back of your stencil with spray glue. This is definitely the most important step as it allows you to work on painting without your stencil moving around. Place your stencil and begin to paint! Pull up your stencil while the paint is still wet and then rinse off your stencil if you’re switching colours. If you had to rinse off the paint you’ll have to respray the adhesive as well. After you finish painting all you have to do to set the paint is iron over the design on low heat once the paint is dry ( I place a thin piece of cardboard in between the iron and the fabric and ironed for 2 mins). If you don’t have an iron, you could also toss it in the dryer for 2 mins on low. I’ve had mine for months now and haven’t had any problems washing it or having the paint come off. After that it’s as simple as sew,stuff, and enjoy! Image


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